About journal Topenarstvi instalace

1. Characteristics

Technical journal Topenarstvi instalace (alias "topin") was established in 1966 and has been available on the Internet at website address www.topin.cz, too. The periodical is read by:

- Consulting engineers and architects

- Installation and service organisations

- Staffs of building management firms

- Operators of heat generation facilities

- Asset managers of local councils and housing cooperatives

- Other involved parties

The journal keeps its readers informed about the current situation regarding equipment and technology development, legislation, available products and publications, etc., in heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, installation of drinking and utility water distribution systems, waste and sewerage systems, sanitary ware and related fields (HVAC).

There is a full version for subscribers and an abbreviated version for everybody on website www.topin.cz, with a supplement containing up-to-date information on actions taking place, company news and a list of trade fairs, an on-line book shop and other features.

The journal format is 210 x 297 mm, mirror 176 x 266 mm.

2. Editorial Board

Dipl. Ing. Milos Bajgar, judge advocate

Dipl. Ing. Zdenek Cihal, planner

Dipl. Ing. Jiri Doubrava, LDM spol. s r.o.

Dipl. Ing. Jaroslav Dufka, teacher

Dipl. Ing. Vladimír Galad, planner

Dipl. Ing. Miroslav Hartl, planner

Dipl. Ing. Lada Hensen Centnerova, Ph.D., Hensen Consult, Eindhoven, Netherlands

Doc. Dipl. Ing. Jiri Hirs, CSC., HVAC Department, University of Technology, Brno

Dipl. Ing. Vladimír Jirout, planner

Prof. Dipl. Ing. Karel Kabele, CSc., HVAC Department, Czech Technical University, Prague

Doc. Ing. Michal Kabrhel, Ph.D., HVAC Department, Czech Technical University, Prague

Dipl. Ing. Zdeněk Lycka, technical designer

Dipl. Ing. Jiří Matejcek, CSc., judge advocate

Dipl. Ing. Vladimír Pavlicek

Dipl. Ing. Richard Valousek, planner

Prof. Dipl. Ing. Jiri Vaverka, DrSc., HVAC Department, University of Technology, Brno

Dipl. Ing. Roman Vavricka, Ph.D., Institute of Environmental Engineering, Czech Technical University, Prague

Dipl. Ing. Jakub Vrana, Ph.D., HVAC Department, University of Technology, Brno

3. Frequency

Eight times a year


4. Subscription

Subscription is taken for a calendar year, during which eight issues are published. The subscription fee of CZK 248,00. Abroad EUR 32,00.

5. Publisher


Dipl. Ing. Josef Hodbod

Language examination:

PhDr. Lenka Kopencova


Topin Media s.r.o.

Na Břevnovské pláni 1363/71 

169 00 Praha 6

Czech Republic


00420 - 776 660 099






6. Submission of Contributions

Only contributions satisfying the following requests can be accepted:

- original works not yet published and not being under consideration for publication elsewhere

- relating the aim and scope of the journal

- written in (correct) Czech, Slowak

- prepared in electronic form

The reprint of the published paper will be provided to each author in electronic form in PDF. In adition, for personal use, each author will get two journals free of charge.

 Form of manuscript.

The text must be submitted as a file in a txt, rtf, doc or similar format, preferable produced using software not older than a 2006 release;


Figures must be supplied either as photographs or slides, or in an electronic form, in a tif, eps, jpg, psd, cdr or pdf format, resolution 300 dpi in a required size.

Delivering the manuscripts. Via e-mail to the editorial office (see the inside front cover). The Editor will confirm the acceptance to the corresponding author.

Review stage. Manuscripts are usually evaluated by one independent review.

Proof stage. Authors obtain proofs in PDF via e-mail to correct possible errors. Do not return a corrected manuscript but send a list of corrections by an e-mail message (e.g. as an attachment file).

7. Copyright

Copyright. Before publishing the paper, the authors are asked by the Editor to sign transfer of the copyright to the Publisher.

Magazine and all included attachments are protected under copyright law. Reproduction, imprinting and access to the internet is possible only with the permission of the publisher.

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